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Bali Vacation And What Best Foods And Drinks To Enjoy

Bali Vacation And What Best Foods And Drinks To Enjoy

Bali vacation offers the combination of culture, welcoming hospitality, beautiful beaches, and popular tourism industry. Therefore, when you choose Bali as your destination to enjoy your vacation, it is the right choice. Bali provides you a nice place to escape, relax, unwind, and explore with welcoming destinations that will never disappoint you.

Bali Vacation – Best Food And Drink

The multicultural influences for many centuries are the main reason why it is simple to find food to eat in Bali. It is great to taste Balinese cuisine, seafood dish, and even Chinese menus in various resorts and markets. Since Bali is so popular as the tourism destination, you can even find more tasteful dishes including western menus.

If you love seafood, then the best location to taste this dish is Jimbaran Bay. If you come nightfall, you can find food markets in Bali. This place is the right choice to support hungry locals. There are many options available such as bebek betutu, babi guling, and ikan bakar.

If you have a plan to do Bali full day tour, it is also amazing to share your experience by huting some delicious foods. There are many dining options available to meet your desires, especially if you are in Kuta. You can find western foods in Kuta. But, if you are more about tasting authentic Indonesian menu, it is better to go to Ubud.

The last thing to know is the strong café culture in Bali for recent years. If you go to Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, and Ubud, you can find many cafes to enjoy some drinks. Other than that, you can try for a lazy brunch.

To sum up, if you have a big question about what you are going to eat or drink in Bali, it depends on the location you visit. The food and drink can  vary, so there would be not a matter at all.

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