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These Restaurants Are Great For Your Bali Tour

These Restaurants Are Great For Your Bali Tour

Bali tour means you are not about touring the places on this island, but also the best local foods. It is amazing if you are traveling to Bali and find some delicious dishes at affordable costs. Here, we provide you the list of the best restaurants if it is your first time to visit Bali.

1. Warung Nasi Ayam Kadewatan 

Your Bali Vacation will be unforgettable. There, you will taste the Balinese dish and it is Halal. Best of all, the cost is affordable. So, if you are near Ubud, Denpasar, or Seminyak, you can find the food stall branches.

2. Café Seafood Jimbaran

Do you love seafood? If you are in Bali for your Bali full day tour, it is amazing to visit Kedonganan or Jimbaran. These villages have a beautiful beach that is so different from Dreamland, Nyang Nyang, or Kuta Beach. In fact, you can enjoy tasteful seafood with a beautiful view of the beach.

Even though there are many visitors complaining about the pricey dishes, you can ask your tour guide to plan for the seafood packages. They can help you just like the way they set your schedule for Bali tour package 3 days 2 nights.

3. Pawon Pasundan Restaurant

Take this restaurant as the best option to break and enjoy your meal after getting your skin burned at the beach. There are many gazebos in this restaurant. Additionally, you can taste delicious Sundanese food while sightseeing the fields around you. The restaurant also offers some food packages such as Nasi Timbel, Soto Bandung, Nasi Oncom, and others. 

Nusa Penida Go Vacation welcomes you to become the part of their tour. The thing you should do is to tell us about what you need in Bali. It is amazing if you have a holiday plan and consult it to our travel planner.

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